Town Symbols

Origin of the town emblem

This design stems from the Chinese characters for Kawakita (川北) The top half of the design (Kawa 川、river) represents the Tedori River, which is the largest river in Ishikawa Prefecture and flows down from the magnificent Mt Hakusan. It also symbolizes our road to the future.

The bottom half (Kita 北、north) represents the fertile Kaga plains on either side of the river, and symbolizes the rich and peaceful environment of Kawakita.

Town pledge

In the beautiful river and rich greenery of Kawakita is where our hearts lie.
This pledge was established so that young and old will have pride in our town.

To love... a town rich in water and greenery.
To protect... our town's atmosphere of consideration and thoughtfulness.
To create... a town rich in culture.
To build... industries that suit our environment.
To nurture... a town with many new hopes.

Town bird: Japanese skylark (Hibari)

Town tree: Zelkova (Keyaki)

Town flower: Riverbank Pink
(Kawara Nadeshiko)

During spring, the hibari dances high in the sky, above the peaceful ripples of the Tedori River. Like the skylark, we hope to fly high as our town develops further.

Kawakita’s history involves many battles against the floods of the Tedori River. The thick trunks and tall branches of the Zelkova tree encouraged and saved the people of Kawakita during times of flood.

This plant flowers along the Tedori River from summer to autumn. Itcreates a belt of light pink along the main road from the eastern to the western side of the town. Its strong roots and soft, sweet petals represent the feelings of Kawakita.