Four Seasons

The earth awakens. We welcome spring with excited hearts.

The melted snow flowing down from Mt Hakusan heralds the coming of spring. The earth awakens to the warm weather, and the rice planting season begins.

If you look along the riverbank, you will see the rows of light pink cherry blossoms, the dancing petals skimming people’s cheeks as they walk along the avenue. Everything is brightly coloured. People's hearts dance along with the petals during this gentle season.

The sunlight dancing on the river.

People can tell the coming of summer by the sharp shadows on the ground. Searching for respite from the heat, people gather in groups on the riverbank. The dancing bodies of fish send up sprays of water. The sky, the earth and water gush with life.

In summer, the biggest fireworks display in the Hokuriku region fills the sky above Kawakita. The light, flames and enthusiasm give birth to a new kind of energy that spirals up into the night..

The clear skies of the harvest season.
The gentle sunlight gives the earth a golden hue. The harvest season has arrived. Half-hidden in the bundles of rice ears, satisfied smiles shine at the prospect of a good crop.

Another attraction of this season is the powerful Kaga lion dance with its loud shouts. This tradition has continued on from old times and is still alive and well in Kawakita.

The town is covered in crystals from the sky

Small snowflakes that muffle colour and sound dance down toward the town. Our breath is misty white.
In the crisp, cold air, we solemnly see out the old and welcome in the new year. We pass this time quietly, knowing that the next season will arrive soon.