History and Culture

Kaga Lion Dance, Kaga Gampi paper, Shinjin style kendo

Carved into Kawakita’s peaceful rural atmosphere is the long history and culture of our ancestors.

Traditional arts and crafts that date back to the Edo period are very much alive in Kawakita. There is Kaga Gampi paper and the bold Kaga lion dance, as well as a monument to Jinshiro Kusabuka, a kendo grand master who devised the local Shinjin style of kendo during feudal Japan.
Kawakita is also scattered with other important historical monuments such as those to the haiku poet Basho, and the Emperor Meiji. In Kawakita we have come to recognize our long history, and are continuing to honour the traditions born out of the joys and hardships of life along the Tedori River.

Monument to Basho

Rest spot of the Meiji Emporer

Monument to Jinshiro Kusabuka